Water Weed Mat


"My grand children wanted to swim in the bay when they visited and they didn’t like swimming in the weeds. We bought a couple of the Water Weed Mats to put at our dock and they could swim immediately because the Water Weed Mat covered the weeds when we put them into the water. It only took a few weeks to kill off the weeds under the Water Weed Mat and we moved them farther down the dock to kill more weeds and open up a larger area." - Jerry D, Wolcott NY

"I purchased the Water Weed Mat to kill the weeds so that I could get my Jet Ski out into deeper water. The weeds were so bad that I had a hard time getting it in and out of our beach. Once we put down the Water Weed Mat we had an area that could be used right away without sucking weeds into our jet ski and clogging it up. It worked so well I am thinking of buying another one." - Dan K, Sodus Bay NY

"My kids like to fish from my dock in the summer time and by the end of the summer the weeds are so thick that they just had to give up. Now that I have the Water Weed Mat I have made several weed free places that they can cast to without fouling the line with weeds. They can actually watch the fish come out of the weeds and grab the hook and the Water Weed Mats don’t seem to bother the fish at all." - Bill H, Port Bay

"We never use to have weeds in Canandaigua Lake until the zebra muscles took over. Now the water is so clear that we get sunlight down to the bottom and even in pretty deep water we are now seeing weeds. I have been using my Water Weed Mats for a few years now to keep our swimming area clear of weeds and they do a great job. I can also get my boat out from my hoist without wraping the prop up with weeds." - Mark W, Canandaigua NY