Water Weed Mat



This one-of-a-kind seaweed rake works great!
Shipping & Handling: $20 Some assembly required.

Item # WWR200

The Newest Thing in Aquatic Weed Rakes

The Water Weed RIPPER helps you to removes seaweed and aquatic plants from the water. Used in conjunction with our Heavy-Duty Water Weed Mat you can enjoy your waterfront again. You will be able to fish, swim, ski, play and get boats or jet skis in and out of the water.

Designed to Pull Seaweed Out by the Roots

The Water Weed RIPPER is very effective for seaweed removal. It pulls most weeds completely from the water while other seaweed rakes cut and leave weeds to float around.
  • Pull seaweed out by the roots (not cut it like other rakes)
  • Discourage seaweed re-growth
  • Minimize cut seaweed "floaters" to your neighbors' waterfront


  • The head of the rake is 30" wide and made from heavy duty metal
  • 57" long x 1 3/8" round hardwood handle
  • A 16' length of 3/8" polypro rope is attached to the end of the handle for retrieval