Water Weed Mat



Heavy-Duty PICTURE FRAME Design
Item # WWM1616

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A Green Solution to Controlling Water Weeds

Just assemble, slide the mat into the water and begin enjoying your waterfront again. The unique “picture frame” design holds its shape like no other water weed mat. Easy installation creates an immediate open water area for swimming, fishing, jet skis and boats with no seaweed mess to get rid of. Controls up to 100 percent of aquatic plants; may be moved several times to cover a larger area during the season; and may be installed late in the season when your weeds are at there highest. Our heavy-duty, long-lasting, poly fabric (not just a plastic sheet) can last for many seasons if properly stored out of the water during off-season.


  • 16 ft X 16 ft Heavy-Duty, Fabric Mat
  • Straight Weight Connectors (set of 10)
  • Corner Connectors (set of 4)
  • Epoxy-coated Weights (15)
  • Warning Stickers

What makes us different? UNI Industries is the first company to market a “picture frame" designed benthic barrier. Other seaweed mats cannot match the performance of the weighted, heavy-duty, picture frame design!

A frame made of epoxy coated weights installs completely around the outside edge of the mat. It stretches the mat, and maximizes the coverage area (260 square feet). Other mats can “Tent up” between the weights but our water weed mat holds its shape! No other mat has this feature. Gas ports allow for any possible gas from decomposing weeds to escape from under the mat. Rounded frame corners give added strength and allow for attaching retrieval lines or warning buoy markers. No chemicals, cutters, pumps, hoses or motors are required.

How It Works

Our water weed mat creates an environmentally friendly “benthic barrier” system that kills seaweed by lying on the lake/pond/bay bottom, smothering aquatic plants, and blocking sunlight. It works to control up to 100% of weeds without the use of chemicals, cutters, pumps, hoses or motors. It works the same way as spreading a plastic sheet on your lawn – leave it for a short time and you kill the grass. In addition to eliminating seaweed and unwanted aquatic plants around docks and in swimming areas, benthic barriers like the Water Weed Mat, have become an important tool to help eradicate aquatic plants such as Eurasian water milfoil and Brazilian elodea where they are used.

It usually takes about 4 weeks to clear the water bottom of unwanted weeds with the Water Weed Mat. After that, the mat can be moved to other areas to increase your open water area. Walking on it is allowed.